First Responders

Injured Response Pharmacy is committed to supporting the men and women who safeguard and serve our communities. First Responders are typically the ones providing aid, not the ones requiring it.


Our aim is to make a positive impact on the lives of First Responders. We possess extensive knowledge and expertise regarding the heart/lung statute laws, post-traumatic stress disorders, and medical coverage for cancer.

At IRP, we approach every First Responder in need of prescription medication with compassion and understanding. We will act promptly to fulfill your requirements and minimize your burden by liaising with your case workers, medical practitioners, and legal representatives. Allow us to provide you with the care and support you require.

Heart / Lung Patients

Under the Heart/Lung Statute, firefighters, law enforcement, and corrections officers who meet certain prerequisites are presumed to have work-related hypertension, heart disease, and tuberculosis as a matter of law, irrespective of the actual cause of the condition or whether it occurred while on or off duty.


PTSD & Mental/Nervous Injuries

The scope of the workers' compensation law in Florida has been broadened to encompass First Responders who experience mental and nervous injuries, such as PTSD, while performing their duties. When these First Responders receive medical care for their mental and nervous injuries, they may be prescribed medications to treat their condition. At IRP, we prioritize our patients' well-being and empathetically provide them with all the necessary information regarding their prescribed medications. Our commitment to our patients also includes staying in touch with their medical provider and ensuring that their medication is delivered to them promptly.


Cancer Patients

Newly enacted laws now offer medical coverage to firefighters who are diagnosed with certain types of cancer. At IRP, we are fully committed to supporting firefighters in their fight against this dreadful illness. Our team of pharmacists and patient advocates are available to guide firefighters through the complex process of diagnosis and treatment, and to provide the necessary prescriptions for any work-related cancers. We work closely with medical providers, lawyers, and insurance carriers to ensure that our patients receive appropriate medical care and that their prescription medications are delivered promptly.